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Kevin P. Chavous is a noted attorney, author, and national education reform leader. Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, Mr. Chavous spent most of his professional career practicing law and engaged in public service in Washington, D.C. As a former member of the Council of the District of Columbia and its education committee chair, Mr. Chavous was at the forefront of promoting change within the District public school system and helped to shepherd the charter school movement and school choice into the nation’s capital and around the country. At present, Mr. Chavous serves as President of Academics, Policy & Schools at K12, Inc., the largest online education provider in the country.

A prolific writer and much sought after speaker, Mr. Chavous’ opinion editorials have appeared in most major newspapers and he has given speeches on the topic of education in nearly every state. Former Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels calls Mr. Chavous “the most effective advocate for children in America.” Mr. Chavous has published three books of nonfiction: Serving Our Children: Charter Schools and the Reform of American Public Education, Voices of Determination: Children that Defy the Odds, and Building A Learning Culture in America.

Mr. Chavous loves reading political thrillers and wrote his first novel, The Plan in 2017. In 2019, he published, The Fund. In those books, he introduced the Jackson Lowery character. The Shipment is book three of the Jackson Lowery trilogy. Jackson Lowery happens to be his great-great-grandfather’s name.


The Plan

In this pulse-pounding political thriller, Jackson Lowery, a college professor and former D.C. prosecutor, is on the run and wanted for murder. He is accused of killing his student, Amy Duncan, daughter of presidential hopeful Senator Rex Duncan, just days after beginning a secret relationship with her. Jackson becomes entangled in a deadly cover-up and an elaborate web of lies by a highly organized group of white supremacists set on creating a society in which ethic and racial cleansing run rampant.

As Jackson learns more about why Amy was killed and who is behind the plan, it is soon clear that it is up to him and a few unlikely allies to identify Amy’s killer and expose the plot which led to her death. If they fail, a million kids will die. In the midst of this unrelenting life or death struggle and facing his own self doubts, Jackson and his team prepare for the final showdown with those who could destroy America.

The Fund

In this stunning, action-packed follow up to THE PLAN, someone is killing the homeless in America’s largest cities. Whoever it is has the technology and access to stay one step ahead of the police. Do the killings relate to a proposed urban renewal fund being debated by Congress, designed, in part, to help the homeless? Or could this be a copycat Plan? Or something else entirely?

Frustrated and stymied, the FBI asks Jackson Loweryand his team to find out who is behind the killings, leading them on a high stakes, nail-biting game of cat and mouse with a psychotic killer fueled by torture and murder. This harrowing and gritty 2nd installment of the Jackson Lowery Trilogy series pushes Jackson and his team to their very limits, forcing them to do whatever it takes to stop the killers before it’s too late.

The Shipment

This final chapter in the Jackson Lowery Trilogy offers a roller coaster ride of tension, suspense and action unlike anything the team has ever faced. For years, the C.I.A. has been been trying to find out the identity of Mr. X, an American businessman responsible for organizing the largest sex trafficking ring in the world. Mr. X’s identity has been shielded by a vast network of organized criminals, including the Russian mafia. A breakthrough occurs when an undercover C.I.A. agent learns about Mr. X’s infatuation with Elena, a beautiful Croatian girl brazenly kidnapped from her family. When Mr. X finds out that Elena is set be sold to a Saudi prince, he voids the sale and develops plans to have Elena shipped to him in the states.

Knowing that Elena can identify Mr. X, U.S. officials enlist Jackson Lowery and his team for help. They need Team Jackson to extract Elena from Mr. X’s transporters as soon as they enter the United States. The problem is that neither the C.I.A. or F.B.I. are sure where Elena’s kidnappers will enter into the country. With no time to waste, Jackson and his team must find the transporters’ U.S. entry point, rescue Elena and get to Mr. X. The result is a rip-roaring, suspense filled game of chase between Jackson Lowery and those responsible for the most elaborate sex trafficking ring in the world. The mission is clear: In order to stop the growth of one of the most destructive practices known to modern human civilization, Jackson Lowery and his team must prevail.


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